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Heller leading Nevada to stronger economy


Thanks to Dean Heller’s leadership, Nevada’s economy is stronger than ever and I’m making more money.

Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts became law in December, Nevadans have already noticed a huge difference. Just this month, individual paychecks have increased, Nevada’s job production is on the rise, and our nation’s economic growth continues to skyrocket. Economically stifled for more than 30 years, America is once again competitive and Nevadans are seeing the benefits.

Despite Congressional Democrats’ adamant opposition to the bill, Dean Heller knew what reforming the tax code would mean for middle class Nevadans, like me. For years, Dean has fought to restore prosperity and wealth back into the homes of hardworking families and struggling small businesses. Now more than ever, Dean has proved that he is Nevada’s strongest voice in Washington D.C. We need to re-elect him in November.

Querino B. Vargas


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