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Victor Joecks wrote an outstanding, revealing article on Nevada AG Aaron Ford in regards to his close, personal relationship with disgraced former Democratic State Senate Majority Leader Kelvin Atkinson. Atkinson pleaded guilty to a federal wire fraud charge.

Our Democratic Attorney General (Joke?) Aaron Ford expressed his “shock” and “sadness” by his good buddy admitting guilt. He should have checked with AG Ford beforehand as Ford has a history of various arrests such as public intoxication, theft, trespassing, multiple failures to appear in court, skipping arraignment.

Mr. Joecke questioned AG Ford if he would recuse himself from deciding whether or not to prosecute Atkinson. Ford’s response, “Man, don’t talk to me.” Sounds like no recusal and no prosecution.

How did Ford become the Nevada AG? Ask your Democratic and illegal voters. Here’s a guy arrested four times in Texas and now, like right now, has failed to pay taxes to the tune of $185,000. Ford had three liens filed for unpaid taxes from 2010 to 2013.

At the time of these liens, Ford placed blame on his promotion to “Partner” at his law firm. Huh? Average salary for a Partner would be about $275,000. Keep in mind, median household income for Nevada is about $55,000.

So Ford’s income was about five times what the average Nevada family brought home when he, as a member of the State Legislature, voted to RAISE taxes multiple times. So while Ford was not paying his taxes, he voted to increase taxes on Nevadans. And you people elected him to be the “Top Cop” in Nevada?

Wayne Colla

Boulder City

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