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Letter: Burning Bibles and our flag

Letter: Burning Bibles and our flag

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The carnage goes on in what the mainstream media calls "a peaceful protest." Anyone watching television, other than CNN and MSNBC, continually witness the horrendous destruction of property and the vicious treatment of police and other law abiding citizens. Now these anarchists have another mean spirited ritual, the burning of Bibles and the American flag. What does this have to do with "police brutality" or so-called "racism?"

I feel so sorry for the good people that live in these communities where their state and city leaders do nothing to stop this destructive behavior. They not only look the other way but they are doing everything possible to foster and enhance this evil practice. And while they are burning our Bible and the American flag with complete impunity, here in Nevada we can't even attend church without massive regulations and possible penalties.

If all this is acceptable to you just continue to follow the anti-America Socialist party. If not, use the only meaningful weapon we have: the ballot box. But don't ignore this. If we don't select men and women that love this country and support our Constitution we could lose the right to vote in the future.

Duane Hoem



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