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Letter: Canceling high school athletics a mistake

Letter: Canceling high school athletics a mistake

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Governor Sisolak's decision to cancel High School athletics and to continue distance learning through the end of the year is a mistake. There needs to be a gradual return to normalcy, and throwing in the towel on school and athletics is a mistake.

At the start of the pandemic drastic measures were needed to prevent a global disaster. We accomplished that goal but since then although the pandemic has been controlled and effective treatments have been implemented that goal has morphed into preventing any more deaths. This may seem like noble goal but it is not realistic as the vaccine may not prevent all deaths and the next virus could be around the corner.

We need to use common sense and not fear to attack this problem. For example each year tens of thousands of Americans die from influenza. Many of those deaths could be prevented if we shut down the economy, stopped school and high school athletics but we choose not to in order to give our children a normal life even though people die each year from the aforementioned social contact.

Schools and athletics that do choose to continue are certainly not normal with extreme measures being enacted to reduce the threat of contacting the coronavirus or reigniting the pandemic. That is different, however, from throwing in the towel and waiting for some magical time when the world is safe again.

The pandemic has been stabilized. It's up to us to give our children the best life we can give them within the confines of common sense and safety. Canceling high school athletics and classroom school this year is a mistake.

Kem Kough



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