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Letter: Carbon pricing – the misunderstanding

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I send emails and call Congressman Amodei on a regular basis. You guessed it, it’s about climate change.

I was taught if you make a mess, you clean it up. We all have been making a mess for some time through our excessive CO2 pollution from fossil fuel use for our energy needs.

There are numerous ways to address this mess. Technological discoveries and advancements are definitely vital to addressing the mess; solar, wind and geothermal energy definitely pollute less. Hydroelectric is great, but it does require consistent sources of water. Lake Mead is at its lowest since 1936 when it was filling!

Technologies to pull CO2 from the atmosphere (carbon capture) and sequestering it are maturing.

All these ideas are great and part of a solution to cleaning up the mess. But the bottom line is, we need to stop burning so much fossil fuel! This is where carbon pricing comes in.

If there is a fee or tax on the carbon pollution potential from using fossil fuels, economists say we’ll use less! As this carbon price increases annually, people and businesses will choose alternatives to this increasingly costly polluting energy source.

In response to your letter to me, Congressman Amodei, you state “it is also important to consider both the economic impacts and the large quantity of American jobs that could be quickly eliminated as states hastily attempt to meet new carbon emission requirements.” This highlights your misunderstanding. Economists do consider those points!

Initially, a carbon price will not be evident to most consumers. Jobs will not be hastily eliminated and no new carbon emission requirements will be imposed.

However, smart money will be to move away from the expensive and dangerous effects of excessive carbon pollution.

Do you want to help clean up this mess? Email Congressman Amodei!

Rob Bastien

Carson City


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