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Letter: Civil disobedience in Elko

Letter: Civil disobedience in Elko

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I am writing, happily, on an incident which in Elko apparently passes for civil disobedience. On the evening of Wednesday August 26th, I heard voices coming across my backyard and the Argent Avenue parking lot from Mountain View Park. Not unusual, but soft popping sounds with the voices concerned me a bit. It was dark enough that I could not see anyone nor any vehicles.

Several minutes later, I heard car doors slamming and again glanced out the window. There was a vehicle, now backing away across the parking lot. It maneuvered so the headlamps lit the handiwork which the soft popping sounds had caused. That was an image and phrase formed by pressing plastic drink cups into the chain link fence:

A cross, followed by Save Our Children.

I laughed at what I considered sweet and benign mischief and went to bed. Thursday morning while there was just enough pre-dawn light to bring out the various colors of the cups, but the sun had not yet risen behind the scene, I took a cell phone photo. Figured that after charging the real camera, later in the day I would take more – and more stable – photos with the sun behind me. More stable because I again was laughing when I took the one photo.

Sadly, a couple hours later the Save Our Children sign had been removed. I do not know if that was by City staff or a private individual offended by the sentiment. In either case, I wonder about the response to a previous incident. In early Spring, a mounted patrol of teens and pre-teens stacked eight picnic tables to form a two-peaked course for their mounts. The mounts being bicycles, scooters and skateboards. The City left that handiwork in place for about a week. To my thinking, the City could have taken at least that much time to remove the benign and uplifting message which this other bunch of kids produced.

Whether taken down by the City or private citizens, I imagine whoever removed the sign is in the prayers of the kids who erected the sign. And to those kids, thank you for the uplifting sentiment and for brightening the morning of at least one small family in Elko.

Ralph R. Sacrison



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