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Letter: Climate change or social justice?

Letter: Climate change or social justice?

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I am a Republican who believes in global warming and who believes that we should do something about it, however I believe that it is time to dispel the myths regarding the issue.

I am concerned about the climate. If I believed Biden had the answer I would have voted for him but he doesn’t. You see the Biden isn’t for the climate but is a champion of social justice who is willing to use leverage from climate change to further his social agenda.

Everyone is given carbon credits so that wealthy nations can continue to pollute but buy credits from third world countries and thus transfer wealth from the rich to the poor. Or how about this: “Americans are climate criminals who have polluted in the past so we should penalize us while allowing those who haven’t had the opportunity to pollute an opportunity to do so.”

Now this is all fine for social justice but does nothing for the climate, and with some of the crazy ideas Joe has the potential to destroy our economy. Here’s an idea. Instead of holding the climate hostage to a socialist agenda why don’t we continue to reduce carbon emissions and hold other countries accountable to do the same?

This issue has gotten way more complicated than it has to be but has the potential to be more complicated and hopeless if we follow Biden’s leadership and are confused by mistaking a false concern for the climate for what is really a desire for social justice.

Kem Kough



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