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Unable to attend the meeting, another letter! Mr. Rice and Mr. Fericks are right. So "dancing and diddling" a block from "darling" downtown redevelopment district is OK, but evil bud sales equals Armageddon? You can sell your body but not something grown in your back yard?

Mining friendly? How about mining dependent and it isn't doing so well right now. This administration has failed Elko. It’s failed to attract new business, industry, tourism, and fails to even maintain our streets.

They’ve failed to recruit any substantive events to that big new convention center, to stop raising taxes, and to enforce local ordinances like those that protect the RV industry.

Let’s give the evil weed business to the tribe, who can't sustain a liquor license. We'll get nothing, and they'll get a big new casino to compete with ours that are already losing their shirts because you failed attract any new business or industry.

Hurt tourism? Have you looked at the stats? There are massive circuits of travelers flocking to 420-friendly communities together. High rollers are paying $1,000 a night for weed-friendly suites. Your idea of promoting Elko is a sports complex, useable four months out of the year! Brilliant!

About 10 people still think they run this town. I dare you to put it on the ballot. Mr. Keener is running for Mayor with a big splash, obviously pushed by the existing establishment? We need a new crew.

So why don't you just put a new store front on the "dancing and diddling" buildings, put a boot in front of it and call that our development and marketing strategy, because that's all you do anyway. Careful of the pot (oops) holes in the streets. Drain the swamp.

Lori Vavak



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