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Letters mailbox

Don’t vote for me in November

Citizens of Elko:

I am writing this statement to withdraw myself from the race for Elko City Council. Although I am not able to take my name off the ballot officially, I am asking that there be no votes cast on my name come November 6, 2018.

Unforeseen events have required me to make this tough decision. It is in the best interest of our family, that I am withdrawing my name as a candidate for Elko City Council. I do believe that there are talented and thoughtful candidates who will be elected and will implement positive change to the City of Elko. Please get to know them and remember to vote November 6!

I will say thank you for all the positivity and support in this attempt! I would like to disclose that any funds donated were not used to reimburse myself in the task of running in this political race. Along with the money raised in the #Im4Elko Golf Tournament, over $3,200 was donated to the DBA in support of their efforts in bringing some wonderful ideas to the new Centennial Park. I hope to see wonderful changes in that area, bringing families to the center of town to have fun and spend time with the community.

Thank you for understanding.


Jeanna Secrist


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