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Residents of Elko County,

Most of us wonder at times what we would do if circumstances became such that we were threatened with or experienced homelessness, lack of clothing, hunger or a combination of all. This misfortune does befall people on a regular basis, sometimes due to events beyond our control and sometimes due to mistakes we make as human beings. Either way, compassion in our hearts as a society dictates that we do something to help alleviate some of the suffering.

Our mission statement at FlSH (Friends in Service Helping) is to determine and provide for the needs of individuals seeking urgent or supplemental assistance in Elko County and surrounding Northeastern Nevada. However, due to reductions in the size and amount of grants being issued FISH is looking at being forced into discontinuing some of the services we provide. We are asking for help from the community to avoid this happening.

We operate the Samaritan House, a building on South Fifth Street that has a 21-bed capacity for individuals with an urgent need for shelter; provide a cold weather emergency shelter for the chronically homeless; serve an average of 1,600 meals annually in our soup kitchen and 3,570 in the Samaritan House; distribute 7,300 food donations to needy residents; provide 4,870 showers and laundry loads; distribute over 1,100 vouchers to needy people for clothing or household goods; and provide over 1,200 hygiene kits to homeless or needy people.

Eighteen stranded travelers were assisted with either bus fare or fuel vouchers

and many people were helped with prescriptions, employment or lD assistance. We operate a thrift store that provides the needy with an opportunity to buy low cost clothing and household items that averages over 1,000 transactions per month. In addition, we operate five low income rental houses in the

area for families reintegrating themselves.

Again, without community support FISH would be forced to discontinue some of these provided services. This would bring about severe hardship to some individuals and make things more difficult on some people who are simply vulnerable.

We are asking for help to avoid this happening. Would you be willing to either donate funds or volunteer labor at our facility? Please consider, we can be reached at 738-3038,, or at 821 Water Street.

Thank you, and God Bless you for anything you feel moved to help with.

Gordie Rogers


Board of Directors

Friends in Service Helping


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