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Letter: Freedom fighters or revolutionists?

Letter: Freedom fighters or revolutionists?

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Our founders carefully designed our government, one that preserved a free people and served as a bulwark against the forces of tyranny and anarchy, one of ordered liberty, for without laws, there can be no liberty, no property, no unity, no security.

We are not a monarchy, an aristocracy or a democracy. WE ARE A REPUBLIC, a government of laws, not men! We are all subservient to the law, the res publica, to the common good. Laws are the boundaries of society.

Now there is contempt for people’s rights. The desire is to destroy the moral fiber of our nation, disarm us, defund the police, abolish the State, abolish the properties class and control those who produce wealth. They demand social ownership of property, free education, medical care and housing. People are being killed, stores and buildings pillaged and burned, law and order dismantled and livelihoods destroyed. Can we escape? Where shall we go? Escape to the United States?

Oh, but we are the United States! These fights shifted from a civil rights revolution to a social political revolution. The Communistic party campaigns for the solidarity of white and black workers and does so by broadening their fight to seek alliances with liberal sources of power like labor unions, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Blacks cannot do it alone, nor can Whites. They have to have the support of trade unions, the unemployed, the revolutionists.

In Socialism you are given everything: food, housing, clothing, medical treatment and all you have to do is work. WAIT A MINUTE! Isn’t this just the way it was if you were a slave on the Old Plantation?

Politicians who aren’t socialist but don’t want to lose votes yield to the wrong standards, as do thousands of voters who follow these pied pipers to their own destruction, forcing their party line on all others. Our country is witnessing the formation of an anti-God, anti-American alliance creating chaos, confusion and corruption in our culture.

Do you like what is happening? Want a better world? Then fight for it! He who keeps silent fails his responsibility.

Thelma M. Homer



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