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The results of the election are in, and Nevada went way blue! To many in the rurals this came as a surprise. To me, this was no surprise.

The 70,000 party vote difference between Republicans and Democrats in the state point to a hard road to victory for Republicans. However, you have all forgotten about the independents and nonpartisans that vote as well. This voting bloc makes up a large proportion of the electorate. This is the area where the Republican party has fallen flat for the last few elections. Republicans in a state that is clearly moving to the left, moved further right, and expected to capture this vote. Yet, nearly every statewide Republican office seeker was soundly defeated.

For example, most of the statewide Republicans that ran for office ran with the endorsement of Trump. How did you not expect that the independent and nonpartisan vote wouldn’t come into play? There is a major segment of the Nevada state population that despises Trump and what Democrats stand for, and yet almost all the statewide Republican candidates have been defeated by Democrats because these Republicans tied themselves to Trump. Ever heard of the lesser evil?

The “old-boy” party system has been demolished in this election, now is the time for the Republican party to moderate to ensure that future elections are not so one-sided in the State of Nevada. This will also ensure that we have a healthy give and take from both sides.

The simple fact is this: Republicans in statewide elections must moderate themselves to be elected. This includes regaining what appeals to moderate voters: fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and personal responsibility, equality for all regardless of creed, ideology, race, or sexual orientation, essentially, it is time to return to Reagan-style Conservatism, and a repudiation of “Trumpism.”

Republicans must chase after the moderates if it is to win back some seats in the state of Nevada in 2020. Need more proof? Look how Governor Sandoval carried Las Vegas, Reno, and nearly all the rurals in his last election (2014 - 70 percent of the statewide vote). Why? Because he is a moderate Republican, in a state turning straight blue.

The Nevada Republican party has only themselves to blame, and the election results are indicative of this. Time to do some soul-searching rural Nevada.

Gratton Miller


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