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Letter: Governor is masquerading as a dictator

Letter: Governor is masquerading as a dictator

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So who is really wearing the mask? The Governor is masquerading as a Dictator. Masks serve more than one purpose. They divide us. They categorize us, making us all appear uniform, much like the uniforms required in Communist countries. They hide our emotions so we can't communicate as humans. They represent an effort to silence us. They remind us we are prisoners under control of the State. They demean our individuality. There is no evidence they protect anyone except these tyrants controlling us, through unlawful orders we suddenly must obey. There is an agenda behind Sisolak's mandatory masks. Power, control, and the confiscation of your life, property, business and individuality, under the guise of protecting you. Fear this and fight back, as they are coming for all of your God given rights, with their mobs and the power you let them take. This organized effort to destroy the fundamental foundation of our Country is at stake. Stand now to take our power back, or your rights taken, will never be returned. Masks provide cover for criminals. They run wild with mob mentality and no fear of consequences. They invoke "laws" without our permission. They decide who is punished, and so far it's the law abiding, hard working, tax paying citizen that funds their reign over us. This is not who we are. Do not let it be what we become.

Lori Vavak



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