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It was interesting to see the headlines on Tuesday. Creating fuel breaks, PILT increases and Federal Government to Lease land. All have to do with our public lands.

I am so grateful for the Maggie Creek Ranch and their grazing allotments east and south of Spring Creek High School and Sage Elementary and Rolling Hills Subdivision and North of the Spring Creek Housing. It is a wonderful way to keep the fuel grazed down and keep our homes and schools safer.

It also allows the local wildlife to thrive without changing the current vegetation. With all the rain we have had, I hope they keep the cattle on through July. The middle allotment is looking pretty good, but the one closest to the schools is pretty long again.

Cattle grazing is more profitable to the state than manually creating fuel breaks. It adds money to the BLM budget. I hope to see more land grazed and/or leased for development, whether for mining, geothermal, or other innovative resources.

Thank you to all who wisely use our public lands, and to all private land owners who responsibly care for their land. God Bless our fire fighters when they are needed, but grazing more land will decrease the risk of raging wild land fires.

Cheryl Smith

Spring Creek

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