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A national survey conducted by the Gallup Poll in December 2018 produced very interesting results. According to Gallup, and not really that much of a surprise, the biggest problem in our country is the government. This was followed closely by immigration and unifying our country.

Guns and gun control was ranked at the bottom of the poll with only three percent listing it as a concern. But where is the focus for the Democrats at the national level, as well as those in Nevada? It seems like they can’t come up with enough ways to destroy our Constitutional right to bear arms.

One in five Americans are concerned about our ineffective government and one in six with immigration, which most of our State and National leaders either ignore or continue making worse. Someone recently floated the idea that it might be a whole lot better to ban these so-called leaders instead of our guns. If Gallup should include this idea in a future poll I would be one of the first to offer my support.

Duane Hoem


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