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It looks like Winter may finally be here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe all Elko provides is a warming shelter if temperatures drop below zero degrees, regardless of general weather conditions.

(I'm NOT including Samaritan House, in my remarks, as they have a different mission and are working, mightily, to aid those within their reach.)

I fully believe that homelessness has become a permanent part of our society and that Elko needs to do more.

Providing tiny houses or apartments to get people back on track is being done, successfully, in a number of cities.

However, there will continue to be people who won't qualify or who just cannot stand living in four walls. Many of these people are mentally ill.

They are NOT refuse. We cannot turn our backs on them.

I call upon the City of Elko to have zero tolerance of the death of homeless people due to exposure and related issues.

Open the shelter at freezing, for heaven's sake.

Perhaps one of your children or grandchildren may need this, one day! Showers, beds, hot food. (Thank you to those like FISH and Underdog Ministries who provide meals and clothing, etc.)

I call upon our churches and philanthropic societies to reach these "least" who live in our community, and reach out with love & compassion, to them.

Jennifer Hill

Spring Creek


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