Letter: Horse Palace vs. recreation center?

Letter: Horse Palace vs. recreation center?

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In recent days a draft survey has been sent out to some of the residents of Spring Creek. It asks the Spring Creek members public to decide if they would prefer a recreation center over the Horse Palace.

The Horse Palace is an established amenity for equestrian sport. It is the reason many of the residents, I know, purchased lots and invested in these properties. Riding is therapeutic and Spring Creek Association has supported handicapped riders for years. These amenities are part of the established culture here and local businesses rely and support this amenity financially.

Sure it would be great to create a recreation center for youth. However they already have a sports complex, access to the arenas, walking trails and camping facilities for their families. The 4H organization does a fine job of connecting our youth to nature and the Pony and Rodeo Clubs are a perfect venue for youth.

However the larger issue here is not about the Horse Palace versus a recreation center but the vision that our elected board is choosing to take. There is no concern for the costs and/or raising our fees even higher each year. Nor do they acknowledge the wide disparity in wages in our community.

Let’s get Spring Creek management to acknowledge the real issues here or let’s vote new representatives to the board that truly understand the issues and needs of the citizens of Spring Creek. Progress doesn’t have to mean more but instead quality that we can all benefit from without the costs continually rising.

Every year we have an increase in our fees and yet we are not taking care of what we have. Who was behind the idea of paving the easements? Why do we need to incur that cost or add to the work of the maintenance crew?

It seems to me there is a conflict of interest here in the management of the Spring Creek Association. Let’s take better care of the amenities we have, keep costs low and support leadership that truly has the best interests of all association members.

Thank you.

Patricia Fox

Spring Creek


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