Obama treated existing law as something to apologize for, the most egregious example being DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which, after the 2010 Democratic Congress voted it down, Obama unconstitutionally did anyway. Amnesty! He broke laws he took an oath to uphold. Obama released almost 90,000 deportable, convicted criminals. There are almost a million people with FINAL orders of removal but they just ran off; no one was ordered to look for them.

We have seen seven amnesties and DACA will prove no different. Under chain migration rules established in 1965, new citizens (aka Dreamers) can bring in siblings, adult children who can bring in their siblings and in-laws until whole villages can move to the U.S. Liberals use and politicize tragedies to push their agendas. Examples:

1: “If we deport, we divide families.” NO! illegally entering the U.S. divides families. It’s better to send one illegal home than bring 11 more of his/her relatives here.

2: “They’re here through no fault of their own.” Enforcing our laws always adversely affect all the family; should we cease enforcing our law for children? Most of the DACA illegals are now adults, so this issue no longer concerns children. Haven’t they already benefited from the opportunities provided for them here? When they return home, they can use the skills acquired here and benefit their own country.

3: “They have nowhere to go if they are returned to their own country.” Most have some family back home, so this is their opportunity for reuniting with them there!

4: “Some work forces state they need them or even more workers.” There are 95 million Americans unemployed. Time to put America and Americans FIRST!

5: “They are ‘refugees’.” We have the Refugee Act of 1980, but we are admitting all kinds of people who are not true refugees.

DACA is just part of the problem; we have over 200,000 illegal aliens in Nevada leaving a burden of more than $1.1 billion for Nevada taxpayers.

We can thank Sen. Dean Heller for always voting with the Democrats in favor of illegal immigration. Just review his record.

Thelma Homer