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I worked with the volunteers to set up the first Elko Motorcycle Jamboree,and helped on the next two. In MY opinion,the Jamboree (Mo-Jam) started fading NOT because of weather -- Bikers can have fun in ANY weather. I saw the downward slide when the cost of the vendors' booths started going up every year, more oppressive rules and requirements were enacted, and the Elko Law Enforcement became so afraid of the Bikers they began importing LEO's from OTHER locations to "prepare" for issues that didn't arise.

I heard numerous complaints from out-of-area riders that the fun and spontaneity were being hammered out of the event, the prices of supplies not offered at the event seemed to be more expensive than was reasonable (Don't shoot the messenger!) and due to huge increases in the costs to vendors, many quit coming.

As has been proven so many times and places before, the more the Government (local, in this case) gets involved the less successful the event becomes. It's very possible to over-complicate an event like this to a point where it just isn't worth doing.

When the City decided to take this event away from those of us who did it the first time, they would have been well advised to leave a good thing as is excepting for the barest necessary upgrades to cover increases in size.

In short, you FIXED it to DEATH.


James Stepp

AMA Member

Nevada ABATE Member

Elko resident of over 50 years

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