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Happy Holidays to the folks at the Elko Daily Free Press and thank you for your continued effort to bring Elko and Nevada news to us.

Humbug? Always thought it was the season to be jolly? My mistake I guess but of course there is an understanding of the frustration in having to wait in line to get checked out when you know that there should be more cashiers available but no effort made to make it happen, right away. Maybe that’s why folks go out of town to shop or maybe why we need a Costco?

Grumbling and swearing in public doesn’t fit the scheme of things, especially during the holidays and when there are children around or you have your children with you, could be a good way to end up on the “Naughty List.”

Pushing, shoving and simply just standing around blocking every which way does not make you better than anyone else, it simply just shows how much disrespect you have for others, especially the elderly, handicap and disabled folks, which also reminds me of those uppity folks, or whomever, who seem to think that parking in the handicap spaces is meant for them.

Yes, I understand that in some business places management needs to pay attention to help their customers the best they can, but not ignore them. People standing in line for over 5 minutes or more can get a little stressed and very frustrated, especially when attitudes begin to develop into ugliness.

In my own opinion, some of the bigger businesses need to create a checkout service for the elderly, handicapped and disabled folks so that they do not become victims of the disrespect and negative attitudes. I will mention that some folks have health issues or need to get home to take medications.

All in all, tis the season to be jolly! Leave the disrespect and negative attitudes at home and remember, the holidays should bring cheer and good will to all. Happy holidays everyone!

Larry Kibby


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