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Good job Planning Commission on the marijuana issue.

So look closer. Go on Wendover's website and ask the City Attorney why his firm, representing the City of West Wendover, has no problem negotiating a dispensary for Wendover, but not Elko. Are they a better client?

Are people going to Reno to get it or to their neighbor right now? Are we going to let the tribe have all the money or is Elko finally going to get some? Is law enforcement going to be more stressed chasing legal or illegal sellers?

When is Elko's economy going to come first, not Wendover or Jackpot's? Why is the City so concerned with State's rights only when it suits them?

Look at the tax money coming into Mesquite, Reno, Vegas, etc. What is the real underlying reason? Who is getting what for making this decision? Yes, they will go to Reno, Wendover, Jackpot, Vegas, and NOT ELKO.

At what point are those empty buildings going to make an impact on our representatives? At what point are they going to stop playing politics and start playing ball?

If the City makes this rash decision now, it will put Elko out of the ballgame. Batter up, City of Elko! Time for the people to take back our town and make them stop raising our taxes to pay for everything before this opportunity goes up in smoke.

Lori Vavak


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