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Letter: Let's re-elect Trump

Letter: Let's re-elect Trump

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I would like to see Trump re-elected. The only way that would happen is if the coronavirus is stopped. The only way to stop the virus is with a vaccine.

Vaccines have been developed that are safe and effective but require more testing. That won’t help Trump, small businesses or those dying from the virus now. It’s kinda like saying you're going to war but don’t want to start till you're sure no one will die.

Yes we are not absolutely sure the vaccines just developed are safe or effective but all indications so far is that they are. Therefore we need to vaccinate large portions of the population now instead of following normal vaccine safety protocol and waiting til December.

They say that we are rushing development already but it is not fast enough for this or future pandemics and we need to change our current crisis management to a more sustainable model.

Kem Kough



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