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The four of us are registered members of the Libertarian Party who are considering the upcoming election for Governor with a simple question in mind: Who can we count on to preserve liberty in Nevada? And for us, the answer is clear: In this race, there’s only one candidate we can trust to boldly stand up for our most fundamental freedoms, and that’s Adam Laxalt.

Nevada has long been a place where the ideals of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and personal responsibility have been allowed to flourish unencumbered by the heavy hand of government. Alarmingly, last year’s legislative session saw a major assault on those ideals from lawmakers who pushed a dangerously anti-freedom agenda, which was only stopped by a record 41 vetoes. Adam’s opponent, Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak, has given every indication he’d be a rubber-stamp for that agenda. But we know Adam will oppose it.

As Attorney General, Adam has built an impressive record of defending liberty, as he has fought for educational freedom, defended our Second Amendment rights, and frequently stood up against the federal government when it has exceeded its authority and infringed upon our freedoms. In his campaign for Governor, he has remained unwavering in his commitment to the principles of liberty. He’ll stop attempts to raise taxes and grow government, and will make sure Nevada remains a land of freedom and opportunity. We’re proud to support Adam Laxalt for Governor, and we urge our fellow Libertarians to do the same.

Brett Pojunis, Las Vegas

Jake Warner, Reno

Robb Wolf, Reno

Dusty Wunderlich, Reno

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