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Letter: 'Maximum Voting' beats 2-party stupidity

Letter: 'Maximum Voting' beats 2-party stupidity

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You’ve no doubt heard that “people vote with their wallet.” Well, Nevadans have officially voted with their voter registration and are demanding an end to all of the two-party political nonsense.

Nevadans For Election Reform’s Doug Goodman ( reported last week that “as of the end of August 2021, and for most likely the first time since partisan voting data has been maintained, the combined number of voters registered to vote in Nevada as either Non-Partisan or ‘other’ hold the top voter share spot, overtaking both the Democratic and Republican Party.”

The problem with plurality voting and its cousin ranked-choice voting is that they only allow minimum voter input in an election. This “one-voter-one-candidate” method divides the population, gridlocks the government, disenfranchises the voters, and clearly Nevadans are tired of it.

Freeing ourselves from our two-party tyranny is cheap and straightforward. By allowing maximum voter input, voters have maximum influence over who wins and retain maximum control over their elected representatives.

Maximum Voting happens when every voter can give from zero to a maximum number of points to every candidate, AND the voting method uses every point to determine the winner. With Maximum Voting methods, voters, not political parties or special interests, control the political agenda. Approval Voting or STAR voting are just two examples of Maximum Voting methods.

Nevadans have spoken -- it’s time for better! Interested readers can learn more at where details on Maximum Voting methods and how we will end our two-party stupidity.

Tedman Getschman

Carson City


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