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Even after passing the largest tax overhaul in over 30 years, Republicans are still working on additional tax relief for small businesses.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has provided plenty of tax savings for job creators nationwide. As the president and CEO of Junk King, an environmentally friendly junk removal franchise in Reno, I have been able to purchase an additional truck and hire more employees.

One thing that I've learned since opening my own small business is that the success of small business is also indicative of the economic health of Nevada writ large.

Nevada is home to more than 238,000 small businesses, which employ over 428,000 workers — 40 percent of the state workforce. These job creators account for 86 percent of Nevada exporters, meaning their contribution to the economy extends beyond our state's borders. When they can keep more of their hard-earned money, the U.S. economy reaps the benefits.

If granted additional tax relief, I know that our state's small businesses will reach new heights.

Brian Cassidy

President and CEO, Junk King


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