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Slavery has not been abolished in America; the forced taxpayer support of unconstitutional policies, programs and pampering of illegal aliens, such as the DACA recipients, is “tax slavery.”

So, what is the reality of these illegal aliens (so called "Dreamers," a misnomer by skilled propagandists) brought here by parents (also illegal)? The claims that they are productive members of society is disproved by the fact that most don’t want to assimilate at all. Data from the Center for Immigration Studies states:

Nearly half of DACA have only a basic proficiency of the English language; 24 percent are below basic or are functionally illiterate. This means they will continually be a drain on taxpayers via numerous welfare programs. 73 percent of DACA recipients are living in low-income housing with welfare benefits. 4 percent complete college (Breitbart News) which is less than our native Americans who finish college with a degree. So, if this is the “only country they know” why grant legality much less citizenship, to people who have not bothered to learn English during their childhood residence here? Most receive free education but we, the citizens, have to repay student loans.

The open border lobby keeps ranting on how the DACA kids are valedictorians, but reality is, most are underachievers; better to be an underachiever here than in Guatemala, Honduras or Mexico. In Pasadena, a teacher reported 75 percent of illegals are here for the "easy life," welfare and handouts, compared to what they would get in their own countries. What we get is the importation of poverty and future voting Democrats.

Without border security, without deporting thousands of illegals, we have an existential threat to the continuation of American values. Demographic change is always hidden from the public by politicians and news media. It is imperative you make your voice heard.

I urge calling Sens. Heller, Cortez-Masto, and Rep. Amodei 1-877-762-8762 and ask them to 1. End chain migration, 2. End the Visa Lottery, 3. Mandate E-Verify 4. End the DACA program by not legitimatizing their unconstitutional illegal presence in our country. 5. Build the wall.

Thelma Homer



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