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Isn't it already hot enough in Las Vegas?

This is my first-ever "Letter to the Editor" in my life. I'm writing to protest the sale of thousands of acres Nevada public lands to (the sunset) oil and gas interests by the Bureau of Land Management. Areas that may be opened to drilling include Ruby Mountain and other national treasures.

Not only have our national "leaders" chosen to lease out the land to campaign donors (I mean oil & gas interests), but they have done so without offering their constituents the ability to protest. In 2018 the BLM even issued a memo to "expedite the process for issuing leases." The memorandum revisions primarily weaken the ability of the public to protest leases and allow local offices to waive certain review requirements that are crucial to ensuring the well-being of the ecosystem.

The negative effects of oil and gas exploration are well known. My family in Oklahoma are now treated to earthquakes on a regular basis thanks to fracking. I moved to Nevada from California 9 years ago to get away from earthquakes. Oil spills are a regular fixture regarding oil exploration.

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This is the future we have to look forward to for our pristine desert. Future generations will have the Trump Administration and his state-level supporters to thank for screwing up our beautiful scenery for future generations.

Thanks for that ---holes!

Don Thornton

Las Vegas

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