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Letter: Only 2 boards over dispatch

Letter: Only 2 boards over dispatch

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In your article 911 surcharge gets final nod from Elko commissioners, I would like to point out misinformation that you are putting out into the public and feel as a reporter you should do your due diligence and report facts and not assumptions. Elko Central Dispatch is not governed by 3 boards as you have stated in your article. They are only governed by 2 boards, these boards are the Executive Board which is made up of local business men and women that hold positions such as city managers, county managers, etc.

The responsibility of the Executive board is to oversee the center as a whole and they oversee the financial side of the center. There is an Operations Board which has user entities represented on the board, such as your Police Chief, Sheriff, Ambulance director and Fire Chief they help oversee the operations side of the center. The two boards are set up in such a way that it works for the center, there are not operation decisions being made by people who do not understand that day to day activities and the finances are separate from the operations so there is fiscal responsibility and accountability.

The E911 board does not oversee central dispatch, this board was created as a committee by the county to help execute and implement the E911 system and the fund collected. The E911 board has not oversite of the finances of Elko Central Dispatch beyond funding projects from the 911 fee and donations received from this generous community and the grant.

The center has been set up this way for a long time and it has served its community and the boards their purpose, some things aren't broken and do not need to be fixed. What could use more support and attention is the 911 center as a whole since they are the backbone of emergency services and do not receive the appropriate support of funding in order to provide the best service possible to the community, if the phones and their CAD is outdated it leaves to questions what else has been neglected.

Molly Mason



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