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Letter: Our government's human smuggling operation

Letter: Our government's human smuggling operation

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Mass immigration is permanent; no one gets sent home; our country gets more jammed with people. Over the last 30 years our population has exploded by 100 million, mainly through immigration, legal and illegal.

Who does it help? Our politicians, keeping them in power while it dilutes that of the people living here. This is Joe Biden’s and his administration’s crisis; obviously, they do NOT want to grasp the enormity of their problem, calling it a challenge.

Instead of focusing on us, who pay their rather lucrative salary and benefits, they consider the interests of corporate donors and illegal aliens instead, refusing to enforce laws that protect our safety and security. The cost to the taxpayer is monstrous!

Quite simply: 1) End visa overstays 2) Stop the hiring of illegals -- use E-Verify 3) Robustly enforce our laws 4) NO AMNESTIES 5) Secure borders -- finish the Wall; 6) Implement a merit-based immigration system 7) End family chain migration and birthright citizenship 8) Limit all immigration 9) Legislatures should bar states from accepting federal funding for refugee resettlement 10) Stop the $120 billion remittances sent each year out of the U.S. to foreign countries.

An illegal’s first act on American soil is to break our most fundamental of U.S. laws, but who defends us against these attacks on our sovereignty? We now have record-setting infiltration of our country by migrants violating our borders and who have been led to believe they will be granted citizenship, welfare, residency and benefits that often exceed what our own Social Security recipients receive.

The government is using OUR MONEY to contract with nonprofits to settle and provide financial aid to these so-called “refugees.” So, how much do we want to grow? How much will political manipulation affect jobs, our environment, resources and quality of life? So, how long will we tolerate this government’s aiding and abetting the cartels in their business of smuggling illegal humans across our Southern border?

Transport ALL back to their own domains, not to the interior of the USA. ALL OF THEM!

Thelma Homer



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