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On Friday, March 13th, 2015, myself, my son Waylon and granddaughter Shoshona bid farewell to someone we had spent nearly 40 years of our life with, Ms. Paula J. Brady.

So on this date of March 13, 2019, on behalf of my son Waylon and granddaughter Shoshona we share this heartfelt and warmest remembrance of a mother and grandmother who was everything to us, to our world and way of life.

Paula gave us everything, a reason to live, to exist, to stand up and fight for what was right, to never turn our backs on family and to protect the culture, traditions, customs and beliefs of our ancestors.

These past 4 years without Paula have been tough, the struggles we have endured rough, yet we continue to move forward and quietly build upon progress, after most of our world was turned upside-down and we were cast aside.

For example, back on January 17th, 2019, I was awaken by a loud banging on my door and when I opened the front door was met by a serious group of law enforcement whom were heavily armed and demanded us out of the home, however, I refused and would not let neither my son or granddaughter leave the house, for we all had been asleep and had done nothing wrong or criminal, the information they received was based on a false report.

Anyway, we stand by ourselves, no real support but if Ms. Paula would have been there, the incident would have been seriously questioned and the individual who made the false report locked up. Luck was on the side of law enforcement that night.

PJ, we miss you, all of us who hold you dearly in our hearts and despite the fact we’ve had to put up with the back-stabbers, liars and two-faced deceitful idiots, we continue on and do so in doing our best to keep astride of your teachings. We love and miss you Paula, thank you for having and still being a part of our world.

Larry, Waylon and Shoshona Kibby


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