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The existing House of Representative rules do not allow for unauthorized spending; no funding without accountability, so WHO authorized this? Speaker of the House has the say on the rules and whether or not they are enforced, so, in regard to the heretofore secret taxpayer-bankrolled slush fund, which no one knew existed, it protected Congressmen from public exposure of sexual and predatory misbehavior, even though millions of hush-dollars were paid out.

I believe:

All disgraced public servants should immediately resign; all should be required to reimburse the taxpayer for any monies extended that allowed them to keep their cushy jobs and to keep deceiving us, their employers, and some restrictions or penalties should apply to their golden retirement parachutes.

In fact, this should be policy rule: if incriminated, you will be suspended; if proven guilty, you will IMMEDIATELY vacate, not just as the head of a committee but your entire seat in Congress.

Instead, a panacea is proposed for the good old American taxpayer to provide sex-education training, a bandage to excuse their misdeeds with no guarantee of future offenses-violation. It’s time to quit slapping their hands, or shaking a finger at them, and throwing a cover over their entire mess … it’s time to kick their butts, out of office.

It should not be our responsibility to take on the financial burden of teaching them common decency and morality which they should have learned at their mother’s/father’s knee, in church, or since most are lawyers, in the tutelage ethics portion of their college curriculum. They should pay for this themselves. (No one but me ever paid for continuing education classes for my profession.)

But education should not stop there. There is not a Congressmen in office who would not benefit from a mandatory class on the U.S. Constitution, its history, and the fact that we are a republic, not a democracy, and it is time we began living under its proper interpretation. Congressional corruption causes the American public to suffer, financially, morally and spiritually.

It is truly time to DRAIN the Congressional CESSPOOL.

Thelma Homer



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