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Letter: Sign your name

Letter: Sign your name

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What is wrong with this Country when “anonymous” people decide they’re allowed to have opinions? It’s easy to be mean or have brilliant convictions and suggestions when you don’t put your name on the bottom, isn’t it?

This is America. Ignore the slanted press (take that however you’d like Elko Daily corporates), and slam down-shut down high tech, or cable and networks. Forget how the cancel culture bubble tells you how to think and what to say, just state your name!

When I grew up I wasn’t just taught to be proud of my Country (yes in capital letters!) at school, but at home. The first thing everyone asked was “what’s your name?” I was proud to tell them.

We might wanna start by teaching our kids to be proud of who they are and unafraid to say their name. Anonymity breeds secrecy and cowardice. I’ve pseudo named myself as me! I was born here, I’m proud to be a part of this community, and I’m not afraid to sign my name or state my opinions anywhere. I might be able to write again after the dark cloud of being canceled lifts!

Until then most people know how to find me. I’m not hiding like all of you. Pretty sure Google knows who I am! Do some of you engaging in this know how ridiculous all this sounds to normal people who work? Grow up!



Just kidding.

Lori Vavak



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