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States put non-citizens on voter rolls


It has just been reported by the Texas Attorney General that more than 95,000 “non-citizens” are illegally registered to vote in Texas. The Texas Secretary of State has confirmed that more than 58,000 of these “non-citizens” have actually voted. California has done the same with “tens of thousands” of non-citizens added to the voter rolls via their DMV.

Nevada is no different; yet, the NV Secretary of State, Barbara Cegavske, has done virtually nothing about the potential thousands of “non-citizens” being registered to vote in Nevada. She previously initiated a voter fraud investigation, laying blame on the DMV for adding non-citizens to the voter rolls. The fact that Nevada DMV employees have been providing “voter registration materials to customers they know to be non-citizens,” has been surfaced with former Senator Dean Heller and with Cegavske repeatedly since 2016.

Now, through the ignorance of those Nevadans who voted in favor of Question 5 during the 2018 mid-term elections, anyone who visits the DMV for a driver’s license or state ID will be automatically registered to vote! Anyone, regardless of citizenship status!

Because of this, I suspect the secretary of state has given up with doing anything about it; unless there is a reason why she was the only Republican office holder to keep her position when the whole state went Democrat.

Previously, former Governor Sandoval vetoed a proposal for automatic registration of individuals when conducting business at the DMV. He did so to prevent a repeat of what has happened in California and Texas but Nevada voters have opened the door for statewide voter fraud.

Wayne Colla

Boulder City

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