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Stick with Ellison in Assembly


I urge all rural Nevadans to re-elect John Ellison for our District Assemblyman.

John is in a unique position at this critical time in our Great State of Nevada as a seasoned Republican Minority Conservative Leader.

John works extremely hard for rural Nevada!

John is our advocate in protecting our rights serving land use, water allocations and mine jobs.

John serves in a strong position on the Government Affairs, Transportation, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining committees.

Now is not the time to consider a replacement candidate in Mr. Chris Johnson!

Although Chris may be a good choice it is not in Rural Nevada’s best interest in a change from John’s strong and determined leadership.

Protect your land access, mining Jobs and our great way of living. I urge all my fellow rural Nevadans to vote John Ellison back to serve us as our District Assemblyman.

Remember when you vote that this is not the time to change from John.

Patrick Lickly



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