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Leave it to the Democrats to be mad that the American people finally get some help from Washington!

The recent Republican tax reform has already benefitted hundreds of thousands of Americans with bonuses and 90-plus percent will see larger paychecks. That 90-plus percent includes a lot of their Democrat constituents too!

Instead of being happy for their constituents, they choose to be deceitful and distort the excellent results already happening. Even when Apple announces it is going to bring $350 billion from overseas to invest in America and American workers, the Democrat leadership refuses to acknowledge the tax reforms are working for us. For small businesses eager to expand, a lower tax rate means they can hire more employees and raise the pay of those who deserve it most.

The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that 99 percent of Nevada’s businesses are small businesses. Anything that can give them a leg up will undoubtedly help not just the job creators themselves, but the employees who rely on them for a paycheck.

Every Nevadan and Nevada business should applaud a tax reform bill that is already helping them and our economy.

Assemblyman Chris Edwards

Nevada's 19th district


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