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Letter: The drive for socialism and fascism

Letter: The drive for socialism and fascism

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The drive for socialism and facism


In the United States people have more freedom, more rights, and more opportunities than anywhere else in the world. Yet there is a segment of the population that hate this country.

They believe in socialism and fascism. They want to transform the country into a single political party system. They encourage and endorse violence. They have a paramilitary arm to terrorize any and all who disagree with them.

They don’t recognize Christianity but support Muslims. They want your guns. They murder the unwanted. They deceive the public through the media. They have indoctrinated children through the educational system.

They make every effort to destroy political leadership opposition, even if it takes lies to do it. They want to abandon the Constitution. They want to take your money, your rights and your freedoms.

During the 1930s and 40s they called themselves the National Socialist Labor Party. Do you know what they call themselves now?

Brad Roberts



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