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Letter: The importance of the midterm elections

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Today’s radical Democratic party has orchestrated more damage to America in two years then our worst foreign adversaries could have ever dreamed of accomplishing.

The list is long but includes the intentional destruction of our energy independence causing hardships on families trying to heat their home and fuel their vehicles.

The destruction of our hard earned sovereignty by failure to finish the border wall and allowing the foreign invasion from all over the world to continue unabated spreading disease, increasing crime, fentanyl deaths, and overburdening our cities medical, welfare and police services.

The gross negligence of the unorganized withdrawal from Afghanistan costing US lives and the abandoning and thereby giving $85,000,000 of taxpayer purchased military equipment to the enemy.

Raging inflation and the insult to taxpayers by paying off the so called student loans estimated to cost every taxpayer over $2,000 each.

The misnamed Inflation Reduction Act, which NOT ONE SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR costing up to $739,000,000,000 and instead of adding border security may be used to hire up to yet another 86,000 IRS agents.

Lest we forget how President Obama weaponized the IRS against conservative organizations.

This list is just scratching the surface of the damage the Democratic party has inflicted on America, making the midterm elections the most important in our lifetime to stop the insanity.

Frank Gardner



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