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Letter: The worst is yet to come

Letter: The worst is yet to come

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The worst is yet to come


Fraud has won and the Obama-Biden legacy will return, their gross failures erased and Trump successes credited to the Democrats through their continuing reconstruction of American history. Trump’s name will be besmirched, his legacy contorted out of all recognition and in our government schools, his presidency will be taught as an error of incompetence, never to be repeated.

What has been damaged is our Constitution and our liberty. Economic growth will be strangled; Medicare for All will bankrupt the system; the 2nd Amendment will be gutted; the composition of the Supreme Court will change; free speech will cease to exist as a right and reduced to a privilege granted by the government. (Happening already!)

Free speech, books and movies will be criminalized if they don’t align with their socialist dogma; religious freedom will be limited even more than currently. They are opening our borders (but there’s no crisis!) and illegal aliens are promised citizenship or even if not, will be awarded all the rights of citizens just for being here; they will enjoy free healthcare and social welfare, our sovereignty, gone. The Green New Deal will submit us to global control and the return of crushing taxes and regulations.

From their own literature, the goal of the Democratic Socialists is Communism. They want to try it here in America by working within the Democratic Party; the Democratic Socialists in association with their affiliate group, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, founded in 1991 by Bernie Sanders and five other congressmen, are one and are the same. Their game plan consists of seeking out Democratic Party officials, celebrities and the media to legitimatize their organization and the socialistic concept, yet establish some distance from the radical sub-culture within.

It currently has 69 declared members. It is the principal U.S. affiliate of Socialist International, a worldwide organization. Co-chairs are Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) & Keith Ellison (D-MN). The Caucus is at the vanguard of the socialistic movement that has no respect for our Constitution or any of the individual rights and freedoms we currently enjoy.

Two very distinct versions of America exist; who do you think will win?

Thelma Homer


What about Spartans mascot?


I notice the press was quick to note that the Elko High School mascot, the Indian, was not objectionable and deserves to be retained.

What so the Spartans of Spring Creek High School? True, they were a warrior class and embodied the warrior spirit, but what of the slaves they made and kept so their warrior tradition could be maintained?

For those not familiar with Spartan history, the Spartans enslaved an entire people called the Helots who farmed and tended the Spartan fields.

The Spartans enforced their rule over the Helots through terror and assassination.

Bruce Stanton

Spring Creek


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