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Editor's note: This letter was sent to all U.S. Senators and Representatives.

Dear Senator/Representative:

If one of the goals of our nation’s elected leaders in Washington is to preserve and protect America’s sovereignty then the current national debate on the need for a barrier to secure our southern border defies logic. If barriers were ineffective or unnecessary then there would be free and unfettered access to Area 51, Fort Knox, the White House, prisons, military bases, court houses, airports and innumerable other areas considered of sufficient value to control access.

If the cost of the “border wall” is truly five billion dollars then the debates about costs also defy logic. In the multi trillion-dollar maze of Federal finance there are literally thousands of possible sources for such funding. An obvious source, but one that has apparently received little or no attention, is the 50 billion or more dollars that are sent out of the US each year as “remittances”.

Setting aside the inevitable debate over whether or not such a drain on the US economy should even be allowed, the fact remains that dollars extracted in this manner from the US economy are a major source of revenue for Mexico. These dollars do not circulate through the communities of America, they are simply gone.

A tax on the annual billions in” remittances” would easily provide a more than adequate funding source for border security. Unfortunately, in the political world the achievement of critical objectives is rarely obtained easily or in a timely manner, if at all. The fog of partisan bickering obscures the obvious solutions. The border must be secured and only legally processed immigrants should be allowed to enter and the bar to entry must be very high! Anything less and the nation created by the Constitution will continue to become something very different and certainly not that contemplated by the Founding Fathers.

I may not be one of your direct constituents but I am a citizen of the US and ask that you please completely support border security and do the right thing for our precious Republic.

James Middagh


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