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Letter: Transgender students in Elko schools

Letter: Transgender students in Elko schools

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Eighteen months ago, I barley new what the word transgender meant. I now personally know individuals that are transgender that I call friends. I have done a great deal of study and learning about what, why and how about transgender. I have learned they are no different than me. They often have been picked on and marginalized. They are seeking peace and acceptance. I want them to be treated fairly.

Last month Elko County School District passed a comprehensive transgender policy. This policy gives transgender students every right and privilege they could wish for. I am happy for these students. Above all I want kindness and love to define my relationship with others. I want every transgender student to have every right and privileges my children have.

I seek to encourage the additional provision to school policy for any child, for any reason, to use private facilities if desired. These additions to the policy allow students to be true to themselves without the threat or embarrassment of a school official discouraging or forcing them to go places they don’t want. I hope these actions will be seen positively by the transgender community; as basic and important as the rights they have just won.

We live in a wonderful country where we have learned to turn our differences into strengths no matter the color of their skin, their sexual ordination or the God they worship. We are able to work together to create the greatest country and people in the world. If we work together here, we can create patterns that will work for all students and our schools will be stronger than they ever have been.

Robert Johnson



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