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Trump speaks to UN about North Korea


President Trump gave a speech to the United Nations on September 20, 2017 and among other issues, he spoke of the nuclear missile threats posed by Kim Jung Un, the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly known as North Korea.

In addition to the recent testing of ICBMs capable of reaching far within the shores of the U.S. with efforts currently in progress to arm these ICBMs with nuclear warheads, the leader of North Korea has stated that, “Now is the time to annihilate the U.S. imperialist aggressors,” followed with, “We will use nuclear weapons to ‘sink’ Japan and reduce the USA to ‘ashes and darkness.’”

In President Trump’s speech, he said, “The United States has great strength and patience; but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

For this, President Trump was been ripped and vilified by multiple members of the liberal media who lost their minds (MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, ABC’s Terry Moran, Joy Behar, and George Stephanopoulos), and even accused the President of “advocating for war crimes.” Please note, defending one’s country or its allies would NOT be a “war crime.”

The President previously said, “Our first priority is to protect the American people and our allies. North Korea is erratic enough and the country’s leader is irresponsible enough that we don’t want them getting close. We could, obviously, destroy North Korea with our arsenals.”

However, the President who made these remarks made them to Charlie Rose, CBS co-host for CBS This Morning on April 26, 2016. This President was Barack Obama. Double standards within the liberal media are alive and well.

Wayne Colla

Boulder City


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