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After reading the recent articles and the editorial concerning cannabis, the ignorance and arrogance of those City Council members voting to ban marijuana dispensaries in the City is coming to light.

We cannot have representatives that are so close-minded that they do not consider the grave consequences of those in need of medical care because they refuse to face the facts. Story after story of successful treatments are ignored in favor of the fictitious masses of people they claim are against it. They would rather have people overdosing on opiates, and dependent on hard drugs, than using a natural substance that alleviates their pain.

Obviously, they have never been in this situation. They seem to think you can just grow the plant in your yard and get medical relief. You cannot make the nearly THC free products most people use for pain control like patches, creams and oils in your kitchen sink.

So, here’s to hoping they never have to face this pain control issue. If they ever do, let’s hope they can afford to have it delivered or go get it from Reno. And let’s hope they never have to deal with the pain of losing a loved one to addiction to opiates, when there was a viable alternative.

This doesn’t even include the financial gains this town could really use right now from the tax revenues this would generate. It is time at both the City and County levels to replace these representatives with someone who represents the will of the people.

Let’s not let this ignorance rise to the State level either. We need qualified candidates NOW. Step forward. It is time for change. Are we going to let them decide our healthcare too?

Lori Vavak



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