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Most of you good folks are well aware of the rangeland fires that have occurred in the Elko County area that have scorched thousands of acres of public lands.

As a Native American who has lived in the Elko County area the majority of my life as well as having worked at a few gas stations in the past, I came to know and realize how important those public lands are to the good folks of Elko.

I’m not just talking about farming and ranching, I’m talking about hunting, fishing, camping out, 4-wheeling and other activity, events that have helped put Elko on the map not only for families but for tourists as well.

In past years I worked 10 seasons for the BLM Fire Program so I am familiar with frustrating and tireless energy that firefighters go through in their efforts to contain rangeland fires, so here I would like to thank them and let them know that their work is appreciated.

My effort here today is to draw attention to the fact that Elko voters should take the time to consider just what their public lands mean to them and that they should not become targets for Corporate America because I think that more than enough of our public lands have been destroyed and desecrated.

Many of you have enjoyed these public lands, from hunting to hiking in the Rubys, to fishing in places like Wild Horse, Angel Lake, Wilson Reservoir and other areas, in other words, your public lands need to remain your public lands as well as for future generations.

Help safeguard your public lands for your events and activity that you enjoy as well as for future generations, don’t let Corporate America or racial political rhetoric take away your rights to your public lands.

Voter’s, please take the time to remember the tireless effort of the firefighter and others who have fought to safeguard your public lands, not the politicians who line their pockets with corporate dollars, they’re in it for their rights, not your rights.

Larry Kibby


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