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The officers and members of Ruby Mountain Hot Air Inc., the organization that presents the Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival to the communities of Elko and Spring Creek, would like to recognize the incredible support received from one of our sponsors, Western States Propane.

Western States Propane and another propane company have provided the propane used to fuel all of the balloons over the past few years. This year the other propane company, although they had a signed sponsorship contract, pulled their sponsorship just a couple days before the festival. This would have had disastrous results on the balloon festival but that was avoided when Western States Propane stepped up and provided all of the propane used during the entire balloon festival.

Ruby Mountain Hot Air Inc. and the entire Elko and Spring Creek community owe a big debt of gratitude to Western States Propane. This is just yet another example of the community support and involvement typically shown by Western States Propane. From the Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival, we cannot thank you enough.

Danny Alexander

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