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The shutdown of our government is strictly political. The Democrats refuse to fund the protection our southern border but don’t think twice about government waste by okaying $1.3 trillion in NEW spending, 20 percent higher than the budget by President Trump.

Sen. Rand Paul, one of the few congressmen who actually makes an effort to honor his oath to uphold the Constitution, has issued each Christmas a “Waste Report” on government spending and has found an astonishing $114 billion of such waste in the budget, costing the average taxpayer $8,000.

Congress does not care! Why? Because WE THE PEOPLE do not care! Congress is on auto-pilot with no controls. You cannot name one congressman who was voted out of office because he spent too much in tax dollars. Until they start losing their seats, nothing will change. Until you start calling their offices and complaining, nothing will change.

There’s money for border protection; they simply need to cancel the reckless abandonment of common fiscal good sense and refuse an $800,000 funding of an NIH study of the sex lives of quails high on cocaine, a $250,000 gift to the embassy in Rwanda to teach their citizens how to lobby, a $13 million promotion of the already overcrowded farmers’ market industry by the Agriculture Department, and an allocation of more than $76 million to provide stipends to a nearly nonexistent Somali army. Need I go on?

We are freeing every country but our own from invasion and are very generous with unaccountable foreign aid. The compromise in the end may be trading the DACA amnesty for the Wall. But with each and every new phase of funds requested for building the Wall, this will only encourage broader grants of the same amnesty again and again, and violators of our sovereignty will stay at the expense of the taxpayer.

The depth of corruption and absence of accountability is unbelievable. YOU must hold their feet to the fire.

SO CALL (877-762-8762), WRITE, E-MAIL THEM! Make your voice heard!

Thelma Homer


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