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Last year I took my two daughters on a vacation to northwestern Nevada. When there we observed signs on several public restrooms reading: ALL GENDERS.

At first I could not believe my eyes.

I wondered what sort of man would be OK relieving himself in the presence of women and girls?

As I thought more about the significance of these signs I suddenly realized that in such a restroom it would be legal for any man or group of men at any hour of the day or night to follow my daughters into the restroom. Or for any man or any group of men to be inside such a restroom when my daughters entered.

The ruling that allows such a sign to be posted totally destroys any feeling of privacy or security a woman may have had in a restroom and turns the restroom experience into a potentially life threatening horror. The ruling also signals to predators that public restrooms are now places where helpless victims are totally at their mercy.

I asked myself what sort of public official or elected representative would write, sponsor or vote for a ruling that puts the young and most vulnerable members of our community at such horrendous risk.

Why would anyone approve, support, advocate or stand by while such atrocities are committed and do nothing?

I know these individuals are not representing families, their actions say however that they unmistakably serve a totally different segment of society!


I feel very strongly that the only legislation that should even be discussed or considered by our lawmakers is that legislation which strengthens the traditional family and protects the innocent, thus allowing our society to reverse the actions of the past that turned right into wrong and wrong into right!

Regan Slack



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