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DALLAS — Michael Irvin released a surveillance video Tuesday that captures a Feb. 5 conversation between the former Cowboys wide receiver and a female hotel staffer in Phoenix, footage that Irvin and his attorney hope can help restore his public image during an ongoing $100 million lawsuit against Marriott. The conversation, which lasted about one minute and 45 seconds at the Renaissance ...

Smartphone cameras tend to be more advanced than their clunky, point-and-shoot predecessors. But the allure of cameras from the early 2000s reflects a broader search for meaning.

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Leaving an abusive relationship isn’t just difficult — it can be dangerous. One major complication is how frequently abusers control access to money, leaving their victims less likely to be able to afford legal assistance, new housing, therapy and other resources. This makes victims of abuse more likely to stay, no matter how emotionally ready...

The man credited with inventing the cellphone 50 years ago is optimistic that future advances in mobile technology can transform human lives. But he's also worried about the risks smartphones pose to privacy and young people.

The 10-year, $2.5 billion partnership between Apple TV and MLS kicked off on Feb. 1 with the launch of Season Pass. Starting Saturday, every match — regular season, postseason, Leagues Cup, the All-Star game, and developmental leagues — can be accessed on the Apple TV app, allowing fans to watch without local blackouts or restrictions. The MLS/Apple model abandons the traditional framework where most games are available through a national or regional network. Even though MLS had some favorable local agreements, most teams struggled for visibility when they weren't on either Fox, FS1 or ESPN.

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Adapting a book to the screen, successfully: If a reliable formula for that creative challenge existed, we wouldn’t have “The Bonfire of the Vanities” or “The Lovely Bones” or “The Great Gatsby” (any of ‘em) to kick around anymore. Critic, editor and author Kristen Lopez wrote a book about the subject. It’s called “But Have You Read the Book? 52 Literary Gems That Inspired Our Favorite Films.” ...

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You may know of a suspended ceiling, which is also called a drop ceiling, because of its design using metal channels that run the length and width of a room. Once those channels are installed on the ceiling to create a grid of cross runners and ribs, 2- by-4-foot acoustic panels slip and slide into place. For years, a suspended ceiling solved the problem of covering up a...

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You have a lot of options when it comes to strip lighting, also called tape lights and ribbon lights. You’ ll find choices in the color of lights, how to control them by a light switch or remote, and how to use them. It included a plug-in driver, terminal and coaxial and jumper connectors and a GE power switch for $210. A handyman would charge $300, which includes labor and...

Spearheading the U.S. Department of Energy's first-ever appearance at the CES tech show was the boss herself. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm worked the floor to scout and tout the myriad opportunities for innovators, consumers and established businesses to spur the transition to clean energy. 

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