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The only crossover on the list, the Kia Soul offers boatloads of style and a tall boxy shape that provides generous space for its size and a high seating position. Easy to drive smoothly, it's not ultimate power that makes the Soul so impressive, it's the vehicle's nuance and poise. A six-speed manual is standard; a CVT automatic transmission is a $1,500 option. However, if you want any advanced safety gear, you'll have to opt for the S trim, which costs an additional $1,680 over the LX, but includes an automatic transmission as standard equipment.

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First to be fixed is the rear brakes. They grind when the vehicle comes to a stop. At the very least, I’ll have to change the brake pads, but I should probably change that rotors as well. The rear brakes provide less stopping power than the front ones, potentially justifying the reuse of old rotors here. But they’re only $100 or so to throw new ones on there, so I’ll probably just change them out.

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Don’t skimp on the clothes and gear, especially as a newbie winter camper. The best way to make winter camping an enjoyable experience is to pack and dress correctly. That includes a good sleeping bag, wool socks, fleece pants, warm base layers, a puffy coat and waterproof or resistant shells. Staying dry is key when snow camping, both for comfort and safety. Bring extra clothes you can wear while hanging out in camp.

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A tip from a citizen led Connecticut authorities and the FBI to investigate and arrest a man who they said expressed an interest in committing a mass shooting on Facebook and had weapons and tactical gear, the FBI and Norwalk Police Department said.

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Developments in ice fishing are ever-changing, but at the end of the day, it's all about helping anglers be more comfortable and put more fish on the ice. The thrill of the catching never changes. That being said, there's no doubt anglers always like to accumulate new "stuff" in their quest to put more fish on the ice. And with this year's ice fishing season off to one of the earliest starts ...

Love the environment and sports cars? Engineers at Genovation have taken a Corvette and made it into a 220 mph, manual transmission, electric supercar.

It all began with a piece of art. The homeowners handed interior designer Carter Kay and her team this painting of a fly fisherman, saying “OK, this is what we want.” Fishing is a favorite activity of those who visit the ranch, and the Madison River Valley has some of the best fly fishing in the world.

We’ve all done it, placing some equipment on the top of our vehicle and driving off. Sometimes we are lucky and it’s still there the next time…

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