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It may look like a Toyota, but the Yaris is actually a Mazda wearing a Toyota mask. This means it's not only frugal, it's also fun to drive and delivers decent ride comfort. A six-speed manual is standard; a six-speed automatic is an $1,000 option. Given its size, it sports a surprisingly spacious 13.5 cubic-foot trunk, as well as two USB ports, a center console with storage bin, power windows and door locks, Bluetooth, and a seven-inch color infotainment touchscreen. A five-door hatchback is also available for an additional $2,000.

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Car engineers spend a lot of time engineering pounds, ounces and grams out of today’s cars. Don’t undo their efforts (and the gas savings they represent) by leaving anything unnecessary in the luggage compartment. Golf clubs are a common violator, but so is random dead weight like those items slated to go to the second-hand store one of these days. Or, dear lord, a case of individual water bottles for after-workout hydration.

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Being told to group your errands sounds a bit like a nag, much like the admonition not to use the trunk as a storage locker. Still, we will repeat the reasons why planning ahead can save gas:

If you look in the trunk of your car right now, you may find a broken umbrella, a few unwashed sweaters, a pair of boots, sports gear, a crusty gym bag, and some empty water bottles. Our trunks tend to collect junk, but if you’re trying to get everything in order, this collapsible trunk organizer from Trunk Crate Pro will help keep everything in place.

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