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Second, make sure she has plenty of playtime and exercise before going into the yard. This might involve two 30-minute walks daily and a game of fetch when she first goes outside. Give her a toy she can only have while in the backyard. When she comes into the house, pick up the toy and put it away. Rotate through different toys for the next five days so she doesn’t get bored.

The former Idaho Youth Ranch building isn’t long for this world. A developer will likely begin demolishing the property, located at the corner of Main Avenue and Hansen Street, by the end of the year. A new building, which will be the tallest in Twin Falls, will be built on the site.

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The data used in this analysis is from a research report conducted by Climate Central and Zillow on the 150 largest coastal cities in the U.S. The research report includes various climate pollution scenarios, including “unchecked pollution,” “moderate carbon cuts,” and “deep carbon cuts.” Risk zones are classified as areas with elevations below local projected sea levels as well as areas with elevations below projected annual flood heights. Low-lying areas protected by topography or levees are excluded.

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